Rome 1.03 - “An Owl in a Thornbrush”

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The Borgias Countdown to Season Three:

Lucrezia  - Season One vs Season Two, Finale Outside Scene

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you know what sucks about being a writer?

having so many fucking ideas but not enough time to write it or not having enough motivation to write it or feeling like your writing isn’t good enough to write it

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Random Doodle No.12 The Future (by Alexandra Snowdon)

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The Louvre and it’s visitors, photos by Alécio de Andrade.

I’ve always wanted to photograph people looking at art work.-Dana

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Any Daguerreotype BF worth his salt loves his dog. 


ca. 1860-80’s, [tintype self-portrait of photographer E.A. Scholfield in a rocking chair, cradling a dog], E.A. Scholfield

via Connecticut History Online, Mystic Seaport, Scholfield Collection

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